The Big Draw Pleasanton



May 11, 2013 marked the genesis of what we hope to be a wonderful annual event. Yes folks, I am referring to The Big Draw held in Pleasanton that by all means was a success. My classmates and I had to utilize all aspects of social media, as an assignment for our Social Media MBA class, to develop a campaign that raises the public’s awareness so that they may come out and enjoy the event. We created a glorious website - that people could visit to get an overview of why they should come out to The Big Draw. Additionally, we added links to organizer’s Facebook and official website pages, along with amazing videos from classmates promoting the event. Our goal was to drive traffic to our customized, personally created website consequently capturing optimal analytics on website visitors.

Even though I was not fortunate enough to partake in the event I got an in-depth look into the fun from my classmates blog posts. Everyone expressed the sheer jubilance they experienced witnessing chalk artist’s work their magic. My colleague Joanna, an avid blogger, even got the opportunity to draw a piece featured below at the festival and I think she might be an undercover chalk artist.

Another one my classmates, Ishmeet, talked about enjoying the live music being played and public pianos made available for anyone who wanted a shot at becoming the next Beethoven. Below are more pictures capturing the sights and implicit sounds of the event, you can bet that I will not miss out on The Big Draw next year, in fact I’ve marked my calendar and so should you!


Tips for MY FUTURE MBA self

Thinking of joining the MBA program at Cal State University East Bay or one with a similar intense style than continue reading because I am about to offer some inside info on things you need to know and it want cost you anything, unlike the MBA program!

I have complied a list below, that includes fifteen key points that I want you to take to heart:

1. Time Management – Very important as you will have to balance work and MBA course work, so do not leave things for the end of quarters.
2. Priorities – Supplemental to time management, you have too much to accomplish make sure to prioritize.
3. Make sure to recycle properly – Your an MBA student, you should know how to recycle currently.
4. Be open to opposing views – We should not be a society that agrees all the time, we are all unique so be open to listen to all points of views.
5. Manage stress – You will experience immense stress to be prepared and understand that you can manage it by looking at has good stress that will make you stronger.
6. Eat healthy– Because you so busy it’s easy to turn to a fast food diet, avoid it at all cost because it will adversely effect you mental capabilities and make you sluggish.
7. Network and make good friends – You will have opportunities to meet various business people so network efficiently, you never know when a connection can help you in the future.
8. Have Fun– Take some time out to the busy schedule and do something fun.
9. Come to class prepared– This will help you get more from the program.
10. Get help from Professors – They are always willing to help and assist you understand material, except during exams.
11. The program does not get easier at the end – There is no let down in intensity so be prepared for a full year of hard work.
12. Be Flexible – Things change quickly, you have to be ready for anything and adapt.
13. Do not Work Full-Time – I cannot stress this enough, you will not be able to get much done if you do.
14. Take ownership in Projects – Take some initiative and get stuff done for the team.
15. Make presentation fun – Be creative, trust me, you will not have fun giving a boring presentation.

Follow this advice and you will find yourself better prepared for the challenges ahead, you will be able to anything unlike the guy in this video –

TeCh in fUTure


Unrestricted profiles of people could be next!

Unrestricted profiles of people could be next!

Technology affects nearly everything in our lives, and through the use of technology we are able to stay in touch with people like never before.
Once such a tragedy, as the one in Boston occurs people learn about it quicker because it will be broadcasted everywhere by everyone. Through social media, which most stay attached to, our friends send out tweets or Facebook posts indicative of the horrific crime.
To answer the question on how I think technology will change events like this, is firstly the fact that we learn about these kinds of atrocities quicker, secondly I think that it will play a role determining people’s perception of issues prior to any substantiated facts surface. Scores of people immediately start to comment on whom and why something happened without proper knowledge of the matter, so again I think technology is going to play a bigger role in shaping people perceptions. Lastly I believe that technology can actually prevent crimes or attacks on people. Individuals at certain events could all connect together via mobile devices and advise the group of any suspicious activities. Furthermore they could directly send information to law enforcement quicker, or connect to officials at the event and advise of suspicious activity without actually having face to face contact.

How technology has Helped

Technology has been instrumental in shaping my views and has allowed for wonderful experiences in my academic career. I learned so much through researching online, basically any information I need I look for it utilizing technology. Social Media has allowed me to develop connections that I otherwise would have been blind to, so in this respect it has increased my social capital. Just recently via social media I was able to establish contact with a couple of company representatives that ultimately led to other connections and interviews. Through the use of social media I have developed tangible connections for rest of my life, so once again I exalt that social media has positively influenced my social capital.